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Are you looking for a household appliances repair company in Butte MT, Big Hole Valley or Whitehall? If you want to get a top quality appliance repair service for Whirlpool products in your area, contact Herb Shannon Appliances. Since 1973, we have been fixing, maintaining and selling Whirlpool appliances, and we take pride in our unquestionable skill, as well as impressive professionalism. All of our customers will confirm that we provide superior services and products. Throughout our 4 decades of existence, we have proven that we are the finest local company in the business. We will be glad to welcome you too to our large family of satisfied clients.

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Herb Shannon Appliances did a great job right, first time. I am more than satisfied of their work. I have tried everything with my refrigerator, but n

by Kevin G.

Herb Shannon Appliances did a great job right, first time. I am more than satisfied of their work. I have tried everything with my refrigerator, but now I have no problems at all.
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We work only with Whirlpool products.

A broken washerCan you picture your life without modern household appliances? Probably not. We have become dependent on our appliances in so many ways. We use them for food storage and preparation, as well as maintenance of personal hygiene.

Whirlpool appliances are related to our most basic needs. They also save us effort and time, thus making our lives a lot easier. This is why they always have to be in good working condition. Also, an appliance that is not functioning normally is not safe. Herb Shannon Appliances can provide you with the household appliances repair service that will ensure you will be able to use your Whirlpool appliance safely and without any problems. Our Butte MT company can offer you expert help with the household repairing service of your appliances.

Whenever your Whirlpool appliances refuse to function properly, the right place to seek assistance is Herb Shannon Appliances, in Butte MT. We are an appliance repair company that can manage the household repairing service of your appliances quickly and professionally. We know that it is important for you not to remain without your household electrical device for too long. For this reason we do our job speedily, without compromising quality. When you call us, we will respond promptly and work without interrupting your daily activities. Without any fuss, we will restore your Whirlpool appliance to mint condition.

Father and child at refrigeratorWe are well-acquainted with the latest appliances household technologies, and use the most effective tools and techniques to do our job in the most professional manner. Before we start repairing a device, we will provide you with a precise diagnosis of its condition, as well as an estimate. We offer the highest quality and stress-free service. Our company is a dependable contractor that works extremely fast and performs the task right first time. Regardless of whether you need an emergency repair service or regular maintenance, we are the right company for you. You can also turn to us, when you need a new appliance, as we have a well stocked Whirlpool appliance store.

Whether you require appliances household repairs or you need something from our appliance store, you will be served with the greatest professionalism and courtesy. All our employees are knowledgeable and well-trained in all aspects of their job.

Among the services that our company offers are washer and dryer repairs. We also fix refrigerators, freezers, compactors, heaters, stoves, ice-makers and other Whirlpool products.

Above all, we care about your satisfaction as a customer. Our goal is to offer five star service at a competitive price, as well as unsurpassed customer care. If you have a broken Whirlpool appliance, call us today at (406) 782-3854, and we will quickly solve your problem.